Investors in Families (IIF) is now available to all schools and settings in the UK to continue to develop its work with all community organisations, including national and local charities and sports clubs.

The Family and Community Engagement (FaCE) opened up a significant opportunity to broaden our work and to establish a common framework that will enable communities to come together to work with families.

One of the four key objectives in “Education in Wales: Our national mission” (November 2017) is:

Strong and inclusive schools committed to excellence, equity and well-being which includes

Working in partnership, we are determined that no challenge should prevent any learner from reaching their potential, including those learners who experience several ACEs.

The third report of the Wales Education Commission, in October 2017, included the following recommendation:

While acknowledging the crucial role schools play in educating future generations, members noted that they could not do it alone and needed support. The Commission therefore called on all players in the Welsh system – including parents, policymakers and the wider education community – to share responsibility for driving up standards.

IIF is now an established learning hub in Wales and England that enables early years settings, schools and other organisations to share effective practice. There are a variety of events that provide IIF members with opportunities to meet, share and develop their own practice, learning from the experience of partner agencies and other settings.

Registered members have unlimited access to the IIF Library of Effective Practice, which now holds more than 450 examples of how schools and settings can work with families to improve outcomes. For information on this, or anything else, please contact us using the form below.

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March 12, 2024

IiF in March 2024

Dear Investors in Families community, After following a few posts on ‘X’ I stumbled over ‘The Extraordinary Case of Mr. Yamazaki‘. I wanted to  delve into the commitment to community schools and family engagement as it has left an indelible mark.  Let’s explore what great community schools and dedicated investors in families settings would look […]

March 4, 2024


Well done and congratulations to William Stockton Primary School (Accreditation) and The Hollies (Re-accreditation) in the last couple of months.

September 28, 2023

Fathers play a vital role in children’s educational success

We all know the importance that family engagement and family learning has on the educational outcomes of a child.  But what about fathers and key male figures?  How do they impact children’s educational success? A recent study (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/sep/20/fathers-have-unique-effect-on-childrens-educational-outcomes-study-finds) has found that fathers have a unique and important impact on children’s educational outcomes.  The study found […]