Fathers play a vital role in children’s educational success

We all know the importance that family engagement and family learning has on the educational outcomes of a child.  But what about fathers and key male figures?  How do they impact children’s educational success?

A recent study (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/sep/20/fathers-have-unique-effect-on-childrens-educational-outcomes-study-finds) has found that fathers have a unique and important impact on children’s educational outcomes.  The study found that fathers who engage in playful and educational activities with their children, even for short periods of time, can make a significant difference.  This is true for both boys and girls, and regardless of the family’s income or ethnicity.

The study’s findings suggest that fathers play a vital role in their children’s cognitive development and academic success.  Fathers can help their children develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.  They can also help their children develop a love of learning and a strong work ethic.

How Investors in Families schools can support fathers

For Investors in Families schools, this research is a reminder of the importance of supporting fathers in their parenting roles.  Here are some specific ways that Investors in Families schools can support fathers:

  • Offer parenting classes and workshops that teach fathers about child development and effective parenting skills.
  • Create programs that connect fathers with other fathers in their community.
  • Provide fathers with opportunities to volunteer in their children’s classrooms and participate in school events.
  • Make sure that school communications are inclusive of fathers and that fathers are invited to participate in all aspects of their children’s education.

Accessing our library for ideas

The Investors library is a great resource if you are looking for ways to engage in family learning.  There are many examples and case studies of what has worked from settings across the Investors community.

Investors in Families can help schools engage and encourage fathers to have a positive impact.