The start of the new school year!

It’s that time of the year again – the start of a new school year. We are thrilled to welcome back all our dedicated colleagues working in the realm of community schools and family support and are looking forward to connecting with you all soon. We hope we can support you to make this year a resounding success for the students and families you serve.

This blog post marks the beginning of a series dedicated to supporting the incredible work you do. Over the course of this year, we’ll delve into various aspects of community schools, with a particular focus on the Investors in Families (IiF) accreditation. Our aim is to provide valuable insights, resources, and create a sense of community among all of us working tirelessly to support families.

Investors in Families: Strengthening the Bond

We firmly believe that a school is not just a building; it’s a community. To thrive, this community must come together to support every child’s growth and development. Investors in Families is more than just an accreditation; it’s a commitment to creating a strong and supportive network around our schools.

IiF recognises that the success of a school extends far beyond the classroom. It acknowledges the importance of family involvement, community partnerships, and a holistic approach to education. By working towards this accreditation, we’re not only setting high standards for our schools but also strengthening the bonds that tie us all together.

A New School Year: Opportunities and Challenges

As we look ahead to this new school year, we understand that it comes with its unique set of opportunities and challenges. After the unprecedented events of the past few years, our role in supporting students and families has never been more critical. Together, we can create safe, nurturing environments where every child can thrive.

We commend your dedication to the field, your resilience in the face of adversity, and your unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. The road ahead may be filled with uncertainties, but it’s also illuminated by the potential for growth, learning, and transformation.

What to Expect in Our Blog Series

In the coming months, we’ll cover a wide range of topics related to community schools and the IiF accreditation. Some of the exciting topics we have lined up include:

  • Understanding Investors in Families: A deep dive into what this accreditation means and how it benefits schools and communities.
  • Engaging Families Effectively: Strategies and best practices for building strong partnerships with families.
  • Community Partnerships: How to leverage local resources and organisations to support your school community.
  • Promoting Student Success: Insights into creating an environment where every student can excel.
  • Nurturing Well-being: Exploring the role of mental health and well-being in our schools.
  • Celebrating Success Stories: Spotlighting the remarkable achievements of our community schools.

As we usher in this new school year, let’s remember that we are not alone in our mission. We are part of a vibrant, supportive community that shares our passion for education and family support. Together, we can make a difference.  Keep connected with us @InvestFamilies

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, ideas, or success stories you’d like to share. We wish you all a fantastic start to the new school year and look forward to working alongside you in building stronger, more resilient communities.

Here’s to a year filled with growth, learning, and meaningful connections.